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Less than 218 km from Calais is the village of Pimprez in Northern France, around Pimprez you will find all the necessary shops, supermarkets and even eating places.

Beyond the village is a beautiful nature area full of forests and partly in this you can find the beautiful Domain de Pimprez.

Domain de Pimprez is a beautiful complex with 3 waters consisting of the Large lake of 11 hectares with an enormous stock consisting of around 750 carp with many fish above 20 kg and even 28 kg +.

The medium-sized lake of 6 hectares has another fantastic stock with around 500 carp with again many fish above 20 kg and even 26 kg +.

The small lake of 4 hectares has another fantastic stock with around 300 carp, many of which are above 20 kg and even 27 kg +.

Distributed over all 3 lakes you will find 18 spacious double swims, each with a large picnic table where you have more than enough space per double swim to be able to do your thing well as a carp fisherman on the water and have all the space you need for all your required tents etc . to set up.

For the people  who like more luxury, the complex has 2 log cabins and an Ecolodge on the lakes where you will find a kitch and normal beds, although the log cabins and the Ecolodge do not have a shower and toilet, they still offer the extra comfort for those who need it.

There are various toilet blocks throughout the domain where you can also find freezer cabinets and electricity charging points. Various showers are also present on the site where you can buy a coin for the shower against payment of € 2.50 from the owner (manager). The managers present provide simple meals and drinks in the clubhouse and if you need something else, you will find all the shops and restaurants of the village of Pimprez just a few minutes' drive away.

At the water there is also the possibility to rent a rowing boat (€ 10 per day) and depth gauge (€ 10 per day).

The entire complex is surrounded by fencing so that you can enjoy your fishing holiday in peace and privacy, the manager and owner also do their rounds every day so that you can always ask them for advice and they also guarantee that all their beautiful fishes are fishing. proper care. We do advise the use of a rubber / rowing boat. because the weed in different places, the bottom course of all 3 lakes varies and the use of a depth meter on your (remote controlled) boat is therefore recommended. We also recommend that you investigate soil hardness when searching for your feeding spots. The level of difficulty is therefore medium to experience with fishing with a boat and with the above advice you can also manage very well on all 3 lakes.

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